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January Newsletter

Jan 22, 2010

Please receive the January edition of the Fireaway Club Newsletter.

Newsletters are circulated bimonthly and contain details of forthcoming events and developments within the club.

A fantastic milestone has been reached with the 100th Fireaway Club member having joined. Given that the concept of a social club for retired L&B staff was only thought of and implemented 12 months ago this is a tremendous achievement. An updated list of all members is available via the 'Membership List' page on the website.

Social Club Meetings:
The next meeting takes place Thursday, 28 January, Guildford bar, at 7:30pm. This is the first social of 2010, so if you've missed the last few or not been before it's an ideal meeting to come along to.


There's a March walk being planned. When details are finalised they will be available via the Latest News page.

George Hunter is hoping to start up a golf section in the spring. We'll update the Latest News and Section pages with more information in the near future.

English Premiership Football Match -
Looking at a trip to Sunderland with the options of either Man City (13th March), Spurs (3rd April), or Man Utd (1st May) being considered. Keep watching the Latest News page & Message Board for details in the coming weeks if you're interested.

'Special Event' - 1967 England (2) v Scotland (3) -
The Dominion cinema in Edinburgh has a private cinema that can be booked and a film/video of your choice shown. We're looking into hiring the facility and showing the complete 1967 England v Scotland game on the big screen. Would be a fantastic night if we can arrange it - we'll update the website once full costs, available dates etc are known.

Next newsletter will be sent Thursday,19 March 2010.

Colin, Davy, Frank
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