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Dec 21, 2015


AIG Insurance Scheme - Update

Any retired Lothian & Borders personnel, who are existing AIG Insurance Scheme members, can transfer to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) Group Life & Personal Accident Scheme.


All existing AIG members will have received a letter from them stating the Scottish Public Pensions Authority (SPPA) will no longer be deducting the monthly payments from source and, as such, you should contact AIG direct to discuss an 'alternative policy' and method of payment. To be clear AIG are not continuing their existing policy they will not offer any form of life insurance as an alternative policy

However, it would appear that existing AIG members should have been offered the opportunity to transfer to the SFRS Group Life & Personal Accident Scheme during the last year. Due to an admin error within the SFRS AIG members were not given that opportunity.

The good news is that due to the admin error SFRS will now accept existing AIG members into the their Group Life Accident Scheme. The SFRS scheme has excellent benefits for retired members (policy stops at age 65) at a monthly cost of £14.73. Details of the cover/benefits offered are contained in the SFRS 'Retired Members Amendment Form'. (the form is available via the Latest News page on the Fireaway Club website)

How to Transfer to the SFRS Group Life Accident Scheme:

You need to do the following actions to become a member:

1) Complete the 'Group Life Accident Amendment Form for Retired Members' and return it to the address on the form. (the form is available via a link on the Latest News page of the Fireaway Club website) Please note you must write your National Insurance number on the top of the form.

2) Set up a Standing Order for monthly payments starting on 16th Jan 2016. Details of the account to pay into are available via a cover letter from the SFRS (the letter is available via the Latest News page on the Fireaway website) Please note when you set up a standing order you will be asked for a reference number, you must use your National Insurance number as the reference.

If you require further information or clarification contact Pauline Ballantyne 01698 402267 or Lynne McGeough 01698 402244 directly at the SFRS. They are very helpful and are aware of the circumstances regarding existing AIG members.

Finally, a big thank you to Fireaway Club member Mick Crowe for investigating the possibility of joining the SFRS scheme and for passing on the relevant forms.

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