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January Newsletter

Jan 19, 2017


Please receive the January edition of the Fireaway Club Newsletter.

Social Meetings:
A joint retirement function for Evan Balfour & Allan (Rocky) Redpath is being held on Friday, 27tth January in the Voodoo Rooms (located above the Cafe Royal pub in West Register St) with an open invitation to all retired members (see below)

A number of Fireaway members have emailed to say they plan to attend the retirement function, with that in mind we have decided to change the social meeting scheduled for Thursday 26th to Friday 27th with a view to meeting in the Guildford pub before going onwards to the retirement function.

So, new arrangements for the January social meeting are as follows:

Meet Friday, 27th January, at the Guildford bar, West Register Street (from 7pm). Around 8pm we will then move on to the retirement function at the Voodoo Rooms, also located in West Register Street.

Events Update:

1) Hillwalking:
We are looking to form a 'Walking Committee' with a view to arranging more regular and varied walks. Further details will be circulated during February.

2) Joint Retirement Function - Evan Balfour & Allan (Rocky) Redpath.
Evan and Rocky would like to invite all colleagues, past and present, to join them for a farewell drink on Friday, 27th January 2017, at the Voodoo Rooms, West Register St, Edinburgh from 7:30pm.

Full details about the function are available via the Latest News page on the Fireaway website.


1) Willie Cameron
Sad news with the announcement of the death of retired colleague Willie Cameron on Wednesday, 11th January, 2017..Willie served on the Red Watch, McDonald Road for most of his career.
Funeral arrangements are as follows: 12noon, Friday, 27th January at Warriston Crematorium and then to the BMC club.

2) John Robertson
Sad news with the announcement that retired colleague John (Jocky) Robertson (aged 75), ex station clerk at Crewe Toll, passed away on Wednesday, 21st December, 2016. The funeral was held on Thursday, 5th January at Borders Crematorium.

3) Douglas Smith
Sad news with the announcement that retired colleague Douglas (Dougie) Smith, ex White Watch Crewe Toll, passed away on Monday 28th November, 2017. His funeral was held at Warriston Crematorium on Thursday 8th December.

Membership Update:
One new member has joined recently bringing the current membership to 202. See the Latest News page on the website for the names of recently joined members.

Next Newsletter:
Circulated Thursday, 23rd March 2017.

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