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Est. 1st January 2009
Current Membership 213


Informal social meetings are held bimonthly, on the last Thursday of the nominated month, in Mathers bar, 1 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh.


Social meetings form one of the core functions of the club and allow members to meet in a relaxed, informal setting. You can discuss how the job has gone to ruin since you left or simply enjoy a nightout and some banter in the company of  former work colleagues. 

Socials are also an excellent way for the various sections to meet and discuss future events, confirm bookings etc.


The full schedule of social meetings for 2022, including dates and times, is available via the List of Events page .Details and reminders of socials will also be included in the electronic newsletters sent, to all members, on the Thursday before each scheduled meeting.


For anyone who doesn't know the location of The Booking Office pub a map is attached to this page. The pub is located at the entrance to Waverley Station, 5 minute walk from St. Andrews bus station and all major bus routes  (including the Tram Line)


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