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May Newsletter

May 22, 2011


Please receive the May edition of the Fireaway Club Newsletter.

Social Meeting:
Next meeting takes place this Thursday, 26th May, Guildford bar, West Register Street, at 7:30pm.

Socials are very relaxed, informal and held in the open bar area of the pub. So, if you've missed the last few, or not been before, the May meeting is an ideal opportunity to drop-in for a pint.

Events Update:

1) Fishing Trip :
A fishing trip has been arranged for the 8th June to Markle Fishery near East Linton. Full details are available via the Latest News page. If you're interested there's a thread on the 'message board' where you can add your name.

2) Hillwalking:
The walk to Yarrow Valley, near Selkirk, originally scheduled for May is being re-arranged for June. Once the date is confirmed it will be posted on the website. Full details of the walk are available via the Latest News page and, for those interested, there's a thread on the the 'messageboard'.

3) Golf:
George Hunter is currently suffering from broken ribs and as a result the date for the annual 'Fireaway Golf Cup' competition has had to be delayed. Hopefully George will recover quickly, fortunately, he informs us, he's still managing to make his local.

Membership Update:
Current membership stands at 148.

Next Newsletter:
Circulated Thursday, 21st July 2011.


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