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July Newsletter

Jul 24, 2017

Fireaway Club - July Newsletter

Please receive the July edition of the Fireaway Club Newsletter.

Members Survey Update:
The survey had a fantastic response with over 100 replies received. The replies included numerous comments regarding all aspects of Fireaway and offers to assist in running the various sections within the club.

We'll circulate, by email to all members, the results and conclusions in the next week and start to introduce the proposed changes in Aug/Sept. Many thanks to everyone who replied.

Social Meetings:
The next meeting takes place this Thursday, 27th May, at the Guildford Arms bar, West Register Street (from 7:30pm). Socials are very relaxed, informal and held in the open bar area of the pub.

If you've not been before, or missed the last few meetings, the July social is an ideal opportunity to drop by for a pint and catch up.

Events Update:

As mentioned above in the Members Survey Update we will revamp the sections based on the responses and comments received from the Members. The changes will impact in Aug/Sept and include a new Walking Section, changes to the Social Meetings and introduction of a General Visits/Travel section.

Fireaway Facebook Group:

A reminder that Davy Martin has created, and is the administrator, of a Fireaway Facebook Group page. The group currently has around 100 members and the page has numerous pictures uploaded to view along with active discussions.

The Facebook group, to which all Fireaway members and ex-LBFRS employees are welcome to join, can be accessed at:


(Note you need to be a Facebook member and logged in to view the page)

Membership Update:

The current membership now stands at 206. See the Latest News page on the website for the names of recently joined members.

Next Newsletter:
Circulated Thursday, 21st September 2017.

Website: www.fireawayclub.com
Contact: admin1@fireawayclub.com