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October Newsletter

Oct 25, 2019

All Members,

Please receive the October edition of the Fireaway Club Newsletter.

The next social is scheduled for this coming Thursday, 31st October at 7:30pm in The Booking Office pub, I7 Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh. This is a Wetherspoon's pub ideally located at the entrance to Waverley station.

Socials are very relaxed, informal and held in the open bar area of the pub. If you've not been before, or missed the last few meetings, the October social is an ideal opportunity to drop by for a pint and catch up. All welcome

We're planning to arrange a walk in November and looking for suggestions from members. Local or further afield walks will be considered and once we've chosen/agreed one we'll circulate the details to everyone. Please send suggestions to admin1@fireawayclub.com
Everyone welcome including non-members.

1) Sad news with the announcement of the death of retired colleague Alex Merry.

Alex retired from the service as a Fire Prevention Officer based in the Borders. He was a highly respected FBU official and held positions at both local and national level throughout his Fire Service career. A Humanist ceremony celebrating Alex's life was held on the 8th October in Melrose.

2)Sad news with the announcement of the death of retired colleague Richard (Dick) Blackie on Thursday, 12th September, 2019.

Dick joined as a firefighter at Haddington retained in 1963 and was promoted to Station Office in 1973. He retired from the service in 1991. The funeral service was held on 20th September at Warriston Crematorium in Edinburgh.

3) Sad news with the announcement of the death of former colleague John Watt aged 86. John served at Tranent retained fire station and retired as the Sub Officer.

Funeral arrangements are as follows: 10:00hrs, Wednesday, 6th November 2019, Service at Tranent Co-op Funeral Care then at 10:45hrs Tranent Cemetery, to which all friends and former work colleagues are welcome.

The Facebook group page keeps growing with more people joining and more photos and videos been posted. The group, to which all Fireaway members and ex-LBFRS employees are welcome to join, can be accessed at:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1648088992167580/ (Note you need to be a Facebook member and logged in to view the page)

The current membership now stands at 212. See the Latest News page on the website for the names of recently joined members.

Circulated Thursday, 12th December 2019

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