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Est. 1st January 2009
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Membership Update
posted on website -- Jan 21, 2010 --

A fantastic milestone has been reached with the 100th Fireaway Club member having joined. Given that the concept of a social club for retired L&B staff was only thought of and implemented 12 months ago this is a tremendous achievement. The full list of members is available at  Members List page.

Welcome to the new members who have joined in the last few months:- updated 15/12/09 

 Kenny Millar  Gordon Hoy  Martin Kerr
 Elliot Matthews  Robin Joss  Taff Evans
 Jimmy Hay  Ian Young  Jimmy Burns
 Douglas Hoggard  Jeff Shires  Frank Horsham
 Jimmy Munro  Dave Richardson  Dave Farries
 Douglas Gordon  Donald Thomson  Kenny Wilson
 Jimmy Summers  Brian Ward  Brian Halkett
 Colin Foster  Richard Arnot  Rab Philip
 Blair Glynn  Francis Gillies  Colin MacKellar
 Frank Swanston  Alan J Brown  Alastair McLeod
 Brian Ritchie  Paul Edwards  Alistair Matthews
 Robert Baillie  Willie Cameron  Bill Fordyce
 Frank Weir  John Snook  Douglas Anderson
 Douglas Cromarty  Rab Forsyth  Robert Bagan
 Bert Third  Rab Turner  James Pearson
 Robin Griffiths