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Funeral Arrangements
posted on website -- Jul 18, 2009 --

LBFRS, in order to communicate the funeral arrangements for Ewan Williamson to retired personnel, have requested that the details be posted on the Fireaway website. Arrangements are as follows:-

Funeral Service:

St Giles Cathedral, Wednesday, 22 July at 13:30 approximately (access to church service is by ticket only).

Funeral Cortege:

Leaves Tollcross fire station 12:55, arrives St. Giles 13:15/20 approximately.

Serving LBFRS and other FRS Personnel:

Serving personnel will congregate at 11:15 in Johnstone Terrace and line the route from George IV Bridge to St Giles Cathedral.

Attendance of Retired Personnel:

No formal area has been allocated to retired personnel. However, if any retired members wish to attend as a group, please congregate at West Parliament Square/Royal Mile, see undernoted map for exact location.  In order to secure this location it is intended to meet approximately one hour before the Cortege arrives at 12:15/30.

Public Access:

The public will line the route at Lauriston Place, Forrest Road, George IV Bridge and the Royal Mile. A PA system is being installed in the Royal Mile to relay the church service, it is hoped it will extend as far as the corner of George IV Bridge/Royal Mile junction..

Floral Tributes:

Floral tributes will be accepted, by serving members of LBFRS,  at St Giles on the morning of, and prior to, the Funeral Service. (Please note, it is intended to present a wreath from the retired members of Fireaway at St Giles on Wednesday morning.)


LBFRS have indicated that the arrangements may be subject to change, consequently, please check the website/latest news page prior to Wednesday, 22 July.

Location Map:

Attached is a map indicating the exact location for retired members to congregate.

(click the Map Search link to enlarge the map and then select zoom-in to show exact location)