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New - Life Long Learning - Section
posted on website -- Nov 28, 2009 --

A new 'Life Long Learning' section is available, this page offers a link to a host of short interest courses run by Edinburgh University for lay people, the courses cover a huge range of subjects from American gangster films to the latest theories in astronomy.

The courses are held for 2 hours a week  (normally 2-4pm or 6:30-8:30pm) for 10 weeks and are specifically aimed at lay people with no formal knowledge or qualifications in the subject matter. The only pre-requisite for enrolment on any course is a general interest in the subject.

There are scores of  fantastic short courses with some held in unique locations, e.g Edinburgh Castle, Royal Observatory.

For instance, starting in January 2010 (for 10 Wednesdays 7-8:30pm) is a course called 'Universe' . The course summary states that "During the ten weeks of this course, professional astronomers from the Royal Observatory Edinburgh will deliver talks on a broad range of hot topics in modern astronomy, from black holes and the Big Bang to advances in telescope technology and the possibility of life on other planets. You'll gain an excellent grounding in the current state of our understanding of the Universe, without requiring any previous knowledge of the subject."  Full details of the 'Universe' course are available here, (for info:- a number of Fireaway Club members are signed-up to attend this course).

Links to the official Edinburgh University booklet detailing all the courses, costs and how to enrol are available via the Life Long Learning section page.