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LATEST NEWS > Guildford Bar - 28 January - Great Night
Guildford Bar - 28 January - Great Night
posted on website -- Mar 24, 2010 --

The first social meeting of 2010, held on the 28 January, in the Guildford bar proved to to be a great night with over 40!! members attending - some for the first time. Unfortunately I forgot to take a camera - so no photos.

The social meetings are proving to be really enjoyable and popular nights and if attendances keep rising we may have to look at another venue. Here's a list of most of the people who attended. (can't remember everyone who was there - so apologies if your name's not included!) 

Dougie Anderson, Kenny Millar, Peter Finlay, Frank Swanston, Peter Sinclair, Kenny Maclean, Steven Webster, Colin Emerson,

Stewart Munro, Norrie MacNaught, Davy Martin, Graeme Easton, Eric Dobie, John Gray, Brian Torrance, Charlie Southwell, George Hunter,

Ally Mcleod, Adam Young, Dougie Gordon, Willie Cameron, Davy Anderson, Davy Cooper, Martin Kerr, Jeff shires, Colin Foster,

Davy Rhind, Frank Sweeney, Willie Fordyce, Colin Mackellar, Jimmy Summers, Ian Young,  Davy Paterson, Davy Good.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 1st April.