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LATEST NEWS > Guildford bar 27th May - Great Night
Guildford bar 27th May - Great Night
May 28, 2010 --

The May social meeting held in the Guildford bar proved to to be a great night with over 35! members attending, some for the first time. There are some brief video clips of the night available via the Video & Multimedia page.

The social meetings are proving to be really enjoyable and popular nights and if attendances keep rising we may have to look at another venue. Here's a list of most of the people who attended:-

Peter Finlay, Frank Swanston, Kenny Maclean, Colin Emerson, Davy Martin, Brian Torrance, Ally Mcleod, Adam Young, Dougie Gordon, Martin Kerr, Davy Rhind,  Willie Fordyce, Colin Mackellar, Davy Paterson, Alan Scott, Ross Wynn, Norrie Brattesani, Alex Duff, Robin Joss, Graham Joss, Robert  Forrest, Rocky Redpath, Colin Scott, Jimmy Wood.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 29th July