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Walk - Grey Mare's Tail Selkirk
posted on website -- Jun 21, 2010 --

Open to all Members

A walk to Grey Mare's Tail (highest point - White Coomb 2693ft) Selkirk has been arranged for Tuesday 6th July. 

(Please note:-  Davy Martin owns a cottage/steading in the Selkirk area and has made an excellent gesture of hospitality by offering to host a BBQ and view the World Cup semi-final after the walk - see attached link to 'messageboard' for more information and detailed directions).

Details are as follows:-

  • Leave Edinburgh 09:00
  • Arrive Davy Martin's cottage/steading 10:00ish (directions available via messageboard)
  • Shared cars to walk from DM's cottage - 5 hours walk
  • Return to Edinburgh or BBQ/World Cup semi final at Davy Martin's cottage.
  • Links for information on walk http://www.munromagic.com/MountainInfo.cfm/411

If you're interested there's a thread on the 'Message Board' that you can add your name to, this will give an indication of how many are likely to attend.  

Thanks to Frank White for organising the walk and to Davy Martin for the offer of a BBQ.