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Fishing Trip
posted on website -- May 20, 2011 --

Update 22/05/11 - date of trip confirmed as 8th June - see messageboard

Some members have expressed an interest in fishing and I would like to organise an outing.  This would obviously be open to all but with the novice in mind I am thinking perhaps about Markle Fishery which is located near East Linton.  I have never fished it but from what I have heard it is a very productive fishery.  It has the advantage of being relativley small and therefore easy for starters to cover the water and catch good sized fish with little more than some basic instruction.

I can provide tackle for those who want to try this sport before deciding to invest in their own tackle.  This is a 'put and take' fishery stocked with rainbow trout, blue trout and tiger trout as well as brown trout.  There are big fish in this place.

Cost per person is:
£20.00 8 hours fishing - 3 fish limit - then catch and release
£15.00 4 hours fishing - 2 fish limit - then catch and release
£12.00 8 hours fishing - catch and release only
£ 9.50  4 hours fishing - catch and release only

You can also bait fish but to be honest fly is much more fun.

I am thinking about late May doing the 8 hour - 3 fish limit - then catch and release.

If I get an indication of numbers who would be interested and whether you have your own tackle or would need some I will organise a booking with the fishery.  I can reached by email david_stevens76@hotmail.com or by phone on 07545813268

cheers David Stevens

Note: - There's a thread on the Messageboard where those that are interested can discuss the trip and indicate they will attend.