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Fireaway Cup Report
Jul 24, 2012 --

The Fireaway Cup is fast becoming a Paul Edwards benevolent. He won it for the third time in a row on 16th July at Craigmillar Park Golf Club.

The course itself was only just playable and parts of it were a real quagmire. The Golf Club reduced the green fee accordingly. Having said that we were very lucky with the weather, although you felt that the rain was never far away. We tried to shanghai Jimmy Cantley (ex Green Watch, Liberton) who just happened to be on the course at the same time, but he had other fish to fry!

Dougie Gordon took the second prize, whilst Willie Fordyce and Jimmy Myles were joint third. Also present were Andy Ramsay, Brian Torrance and myself and you would never have guessed that I was playing on my "home course". After a light lunch, a discussion was held regarding the next venue - (someone jokingly said that he hoped Paul will be on holiday) and Brian is going to explore the feasibility of Kingsknow Golf Club. Surely the weather cannot get any worse.

We were joined in the clubhouse by the "Old Timers" (I don't include myself in that lot!). They call themselves "The Fireman's Tankard Club". I pointed out to our ex-firefighters that the clubhouse went on fire in 1979. At some point during the fire, a fireman rescued a beer tankard and it is played for in a competition every month by the "Old Timers". Imagine that - a fireman rescuing a beer tankard! - was he a teetotaler? His identity has always remained a mystery, but whoever he was, he has gone down in the folklore of Craigmillar Park Golf Club!

George Hunter