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Sunderland FC - Football Trip
posted on website -- Jan 23, 2013 --

Sunderland FC - Football Trip

If there's enough interest there is still time to arrange a trip to a Sunderland FC home fixture.

Below is a list of home fixtures, if you're interested in making a trip add your name and preferred choice of game to the thread on the Messageboard.

To be clear! - at this stage it's only an indicating of interest. Once there is an agreed fixture we will look at travel/ticket arrangements and only then will everyone have to make a definite commitment to the trip.

Travel will be by train - (Waverley to Newcastle then metro to Sunderland) down and back in the same day - usually returning to Edinburgh around 9/9:30pm.

Feb 9th - Arsenal
March 2nd - Fulham
March 17th - Norwich City
March 30th - Man Utd**
April 20th - Everton
May 4th - Stoke City
May 12th - Southampton  

**Note: Man Utd fixture is confirmed for Saturday, 30th March with a 12:45pm kick-off.