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LATEST NEWS > LBFRS Function - Invite to Retired Personnel
LBFRS Function - Invite to Retired  Personnel
posted on website -- Mar 5, 2013 --

LBFRS formally ends when the new Scottish Fire Service officially comes into existence on the 1st April 2013.

To mark the occasion a farewell celebration/function has been organised, by LBFRS, on the 28th March 2013. They are particularly keen to extend an invitation to all retired personnel and have specifically asked that details of the event be posted on the Fireaway Club website.


•Event: Farewell to LBFRS
•Date: 28th March
•Venue: Cargo, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh (upstairs hall - 300 capacity)
•Cost: £6 per ticket

A copy of the advertising poster for the event is available to view here:  Farewell to LBFRS

Retired Members - Meet-up:

The plan is for retired personnel to meet in Cloisters pub, 26 Brougham Place, Edinburgh at 6:30pm on the 28th March. (For info - 41 retired members requested tickets as of 05/03/13) 


If you're interested in a ticket please email Tracy.Laidlaw@lbfire.org.uk  (Tracy is the Event coordinator and based at HQ)

 (41 retired members (for info thanks Davy & Colin


The date coincides with the next scheduled  Fireaway Club social  (28th March). However, at the social held on Jan 31st everyone indicated they were keen to attend the function and agreed to cancel the scheduled March meeting and make the 'Farewell to LBFRS' function a Fireaway event.