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Mentoring Opportunity with Young people
posted on website -- Mar 26, 2016 --

Below is the information/request from Midlothian Council - If you are interested then please contact Clare at the email address below to ask for further information, have a chat or register your interest. 


"I am writing to you in the hope that we can discuss the possibility of arranging an informal meet-up with some of your veterans to inform them of the work of the Plusone Mentoring Midlothian based at Penicuik YMCA-YWCA and the role of mentoring young people aged 8-14years who are struggling with their lives right now in the local authority area.

The project was established in April 2014 and currently we have a waiting list of 18 young people who have been referred through a range of agencies such as Social work as they have one or more of the following risk factors:

i)             Disruption or disengagement at school

ii)            Offending, aggressive or anti-social behaviour

iii)           Conflict in the home/family

iv)           Substance misuse by the young person

v)            Lack of a positive role model

vi)           Associations with antisocial peers

vii)          Weak community ties

Plusone is an effective early intervention programme which seeks to use the skills and life experience of local volunteer mentors to engage with young people within their own communities.  Using a youth work approach delivered by trained volunteer mentors, Plusone has been proven to successfully change behaviour, attitudes and choices in the young people referred.   Mentors are recruited locally, trained and supported to develop positive and trusting relationships with the young people and help equip the young people with skills and knowledge to make informed choices. 

We are currently looking for mentors who have a local background and base. The key things to be aware of in terms of taking on the role is commitment to meet with mentees regularly (weekly) and it is important that:

• Mentors understand that all young people have different needs, abilities and learning preferences

• Mentors help young people establish an understanding of the relationship between choices and consequences

• Mentors help re-establish the locus of control for behaviour as being centred in the young person

• Mentors respect the young people’s choice to participate

• Mentors help young people to engage in positive

activities who might otherwise become involved in anti-social behaviour, alcohol/drug misuse or who would leave school with few qualifications and skills Mentors will be fully supported by a Plusone Programme Manager and receive training and learning/training opportunities. Mentors also receive an activity budget to support the relationship. Significantly, many mentors have used their experience and training to help them to gain employment in the social/caring/youth sector or to enter further education. I believe that some of your mentors would be excellent role models for young people and may benefit greatly from the experience and hope that we can come together to provide them with an opportunity to find out more.

The Plusone approach has achieved outstanding results with significant change in behaviour at the six month stage. The Mentoring Works evaluation can be found on the Plusone website: http://www.plusone.uk.com/

There is also a link to a 7 minute DVD about Plusone on Penicuik YMCA-YWCA’s website: http://www.penicuikymca-ywca.org.uk/

The project also has its own facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Plusone-Mentoring-Midlothian-556750984491364/