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Mar 26, 2016 --

Below is a copy of a letter retired Lothian & Borders colleague Hugh Naysmith recevied from SFRS regarding the AIG insurance scheme. 

Copy of letter: 

Hi Hugh,

Many thanks for your e-mail.

Both Pauline and myself have been working tirelessly to investigate exactly what has happened with the Group Life and Accident scheme and your membership in AIG and we have managed to find out the history.

Firstly, can I please re-assure you that, although it may have seemed the case, at no time have you had "no life cover". We have managed to trace your paperwork from when you retired and this does state that your wishes were to stay in the Group Life and Accident Scheme, therefore at all times your cover has continued and had anything happened to yourself your life cover would have been activated and your nominated beneficiary would have received the payment from the insurers.

Our investigations have discovered that when all pension payments were transferred to SPPA, many retirees were, through choice, members of an old council run AIG scheme. Also, many of the retirees were members of the SFRS Group Life and Accident scheme (GLAS). All of the deductions have been correctly taken from all concerned whether they be a member of the GLAS scheme or the AIG scheme or possibly both.

The confusion has arisen as all payments were made to AIG where the GLAS deductions should have been paid to the SFRS Group Life and Accident bank account, which is subsequently paid over to the insurers for the Group Life and Accident Scheme.

SPPA are working with AIG to ensure all the deductions are refunded from AIG, and paid over to the GLAS. No refund is due to any member as the cover has continued and therefore the refund is due to the Group Life and Accident Scheme to cover the premium for the insurance policy.

Irrespective of where the funds were being paid, as long as we have paperwork indicating that you are a member of the GLAS (which for yourself we do), cover continues and has never ceased.

Due to data protection, SPPA are not allowed to provide us with names and addresses of the affected retirees, however they are willing to send out a letter on our behalf which will make clear what has happened and will request retirees to fill in the up to date forms to ensure that we have all the relevant up to date data in the event of any claim.

I am out of the office tomorrow on business, but please feel free to call me on Thursday if you would like to discuss this further. Otherwise, you will receive a letter over the coming weeks as detailed above.

Kind Regards,


Lynne McGeough, Financial Systems Manager, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

T: 01698 402244, M: 07342068673, E: lynne.mcgeough@firescotland.gov.uk