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Museum of Fire
posted on website -- May 24, 2016 --

Below is an update we received from 'The Friends of the Museum' on their campaign to save the museum at Lauriston (HQ) building and a request for Fireaway members to help them. 


"Hi folks,

Just wanted to give you an update on what's happening with the Museum of Fire.

As you will be aware the last admin staff left the building on Friday 20th and now face the trek to Newbridge. The Museum is still in the building and has restricted access still for the public. ACO Ramsay who is in charge of the job of relocating the Museum collection has been repetitive in his claim that it will be safe and staying in Edinburgh, yet has only announced on the QT that his idea of a more prominent location that will give better access and possible development - two spare bays at McRd!!

The Friends of the Museum are still campaigning to try and retain the museum at Lauriston and we are asking Fireaway members to help us. You can support us by signing the petition on change.org.

As we are still able to open the museum we need more volunteers to help with this task. If you have a couple of hours free during the week and perhaps would like to help us show off our great museum collection, please contact either Davy Farries (dave.farries@firescotland.gov.uk) 07979693914 or Colin Fraser,(brodie289@virginmedia.com), 07447940129.

You can help out on the reception desk, or with some guidance do guides around the collection or even just help out with some gentle maintenance.

We hope to succeed in keeping it at Lauriston but any help would be appreciated and it is for the Museum of Fire which I think we are all interested in keeping in Edinburgh and not lost through to the west."

Link to article in the Edinburgh Evening News 23rd May 2016 - 'Bid to keep Museum of Fire in current home'