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LATEST NEWS > New Book - 'Firefighters of Belfast'
New Book - 'Firefighters of Belfast'
posted on website -- Oct 30, 2018 --
Brian Allaway has been in touch to inform us of his new book about the fire service during the troubles in Belfast. Further Details about the book, including the book launch in Edinburgh, are posted below. 
Details from Brian:
"As you may know, I am having a book published by Luath Press, an Edinburgh publisher, at the end of this month. It is titled Firefighters of Belfast and tells the story of the fire service in Belfast during the troubles, 1969 to 1994, all of my royalties are to be donated to the Fire Fighters Charity. The back cover of the book gives a bit more of a description.

Organised along a timeline, this book chronicles many of the activities of the fire service during twenty-five years of the Troubles in Belfast. Beginning in 1969 with the descent into chaos, which preceeded the turmoil and fear that came to define everyday life for the citizens of this incredible city, this is ultimately an uplifting portrait of human courage and resilience during the most difficult of times.

Much of what happened during those years was horrific, and here some of those who were present at the time describe events, often in their own words. In this way we get a sense of the unrelenting pressure Firefighters found themselves dealing with, as they worked hard to protect and serve both sides of this often divided community. We also get an insight into the humanity, spirit and humour of the Firefighters of Belfast. The final part of the book presents an honest and personal appraisal of 'the damage done' as this courageous group of individuals, discuss the impact of their experiences on their lives.

Full of character and characters, this valid account places on record the dedicated service, and invaluable contribution, made by Firefighters to the people of Belfast, when the city needed them most.

The book is being launched in Blackwell's book shop on South Bridge on the 7th of November at 1830hrs and admission is free. Further details on the website below.

All retired and serving Firefighters will be welcome.
I would be grateful if you could put this information on your website.

All the best.