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posted on website -- Feb 16, 2021 --

Sad news with the announcement of the death of former colleague Frank Gillies on Saturday,13th February, 2021. Thanks to Donald Thomson for forwarding the following information:

"I have to report that sadly Frankie Gillies passed away on Saturday in Hospital after a long illness ie, Cancer, which Frankie fought bravely for a number of years. As you know Frankie was a character which in truth is an understatement, I think what is also true is the Job is running short of characters like Frankie, there's not one retired fireman who can't remember a great story of Franks kranky antics, he will be long remembered.

I'm sure you will want to let the guys and girls know of Franks passing, you will have to check with HQ about his work history if you wish, unfortunately there will only be family allowed at the funeral."