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posted on website -- Oct 31, 2021 --

Sad news with the announcement of the death of retired colleague Johnny Munro on Wednesday, 13th October, 2021.

Johnny served for 35yrs at Selkirk retained station and was the Sub Officer/Watch Manger at the time of his retirement. His father Bert also served at the station and Johnny's oldest son is currently a Crew Manager at Selkirk.

Bob Bertram kindly sent this update of Johnny's funeral which held on 28th October:-

"John had a great send-off on Thursday.  Family were supported by many many friend, colleagues and representatives who have come to know him in his various guises ie fire service, Community Council, local business man,  fire Bavarian firebrigade/town twinning - with a friend/representative from Plattling Bavaria making the journey to pay their respects.

 Aye Mindit John"