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FBU - Cancer Campaign
Dec 1, 2022 --


FBU official Steve Weir (acting East Area Chair) has contacted us asking if we could circulate a request for any retired members who have suffered or been affected by cancer to speak with the FBU Head Office Communications Team. This is in connection with the ongoing national FBU campaign 'DECON' which is about understanding the link between fire contaminants and cancer. 
More information on the campaign can found via this link https://www.fbu.org.uk/campaigns/decon-fire-contaminants
Below is a copy of the request sent by Steve which sets out the aim of the campaign and contains his mobile number for anyone who which's to contact him.
All the best - Colin 
Following on from our successful sustained lobbying period in relation to Professor Anna Stec's work, and the FBU's DECON campaign, FBU Head Office comms team are looking to speak to both current serving firefighters, and retired members, who have either suffered from or been affected by cancer. 
This is in order to produce case studies which will help the union raise the profile of the campaign within the wider media, with the eventual aim of improving firefighter safety from fire contaminants and securing appropriate compensation and security for those who have already been affected.
Please can you all put a request out through your structures for members who would be able and willing to participate in this vital campaign and feedback details of interest to me.
For clarity, an expression of interest from a member will not obligate them to participate, it will simply allow for an initial conversation to establish if they would be willing to be involved.
Please circulate this request as widely as possible.
Stevie Weir
[Mobile] +447792443472"